Friday, March 7, 2008

Only Drink Bottles That Have Been Opened In Front Of You

Wine is divine and it's quality is a matter of taste; however there are tastes and there are tastes. Drink bottles that have been opened in front of you just in case
the good host is your host.


The Good Host

I got tired of serving my prized wines to guests that did not appreciate their quality. For a long time now, I take the finest wines from my cellar that I want to drink and the guests "think that they are drinking" and do a swicharoo. When they arrive, the bottles have been decanted, a lower grade of wine has been put in the decanters and the really good wines are somewhere else in the house, while the empty bottles are in front of them to look at, hold and admire while they drink the other wine. After we toast, and I have finished my first glass and refilled it in front of them, I go to the other room and pour out what they are having and refill my glass with the good stuff for myself and my wife. Mind you, before they arrived, I had already poured my first glass of the good stuff for myself and have told them that the wine has been breathing and has passed the taste test.
I never drank a drop of what they were having and everyone is happy.
Poetic justice without arguments, who said life is not fair?

The Good Host

Drinking & Writing and Writing & Drinking

"Drinking wine makes me want to write about it and writing about it makes me want to drink it."

Ken W