Monday, June 23, 2008


Famed French winemaker Michel Rolland said Napa Valley has more great wines than any other country besides France.

In an interview with the Napa Valley Register, Rolland said: "Napa Valley has one of the highest ceilings in the world. Napa Valley is a place where we can find a lot of great wines now."

"There are more great wines in Napa Valley than in Italy."

He has been visiting Napa for 22 years and says "they don't need me much in the vineyards. They know what to do after 20 years." Instead, he assists more with blending.

Interestingly, he said good wines can be made everywhere, although great wines can't be made everywhere.

"Even at $2.99, you can make a good wine," he said. "People (growers and vintners) will be disappointed if they don't accept that."

He also said he likes working with American wineries because they have "more energy and creativity than elsewhere" and are quicker at making decisions.

"I was born in Bordeaux, and I know French behavior. You need five years to convince people to do something."

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