Sunday, June 1, 2008


After acquiring Almaden and Inglenook wine brands from Constellation in February, The Wine Group is changing their packaging from jugs to bag-in-box to help reduce carbon footprint. By switching from 3L and 4L glass jugs, The Wine Group will save 11 million pounds in packaging waste and reduce the brands' carbon footprint by 60%, not to mention dramatically reduced shipping costs.

The private company said the move was "consistent with the consumer's desire for both value and environmentally-friendly packaging."

"Consumers and the industry should applaud this move," said Jon Fredrikson, wine industry analyst and industry consultant. "Recent research has shown that consumers have great interest in environmentally friendly packaging...The fact that these two popular American brands are now taking this step is significant because of the volume they represent."

Almaden was founded in 1852 when Frenchman Etienne TheƩ planted grapes near Los Gatos, while Inglenook quickly gained popularity after fur-trading sea captain Gustave Niebaum purchased the Inglenook vineyard in Napa Valley in 1879.

The brands account for 10 million cases annually and sell for about $3 a bottle, which puts them in the slow-growing "value" segment.

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