Sunday, June 1, 2008


An interesting article in the Staten Island Advance touches on why American's are drinking more wine. Most of us in the industry are already familiar with most of the theories for why consumption is increasing, but it's always beneficial to hear what the mainstream press is reporting (and what consumers are reading).

The article says Americans are learning about wine and realizing that it pairs well with food. Although the downturn in the economy has resulted in more Americans eating at home, the article says experience has taught people that they will still get quality when ordering inexpensive wines at restaurants.

"There aren't as many wine drinkers out there who are perusing a restaurant wine list in order to impress their table companions... many of them aren't adverse to seeking out bargains."

News of health benefits related to red wine has helped boost consumption, in addition to demographic factors. For one, an increase in female wine drinkers who are earning higher salaries has helped volume, and flashy labels have managed to attract younger drinkers (think millennials). Lastly, says the article, vintners are "putting more effort into producing higher quality wine that they can sell at lower prices."

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